Rethinking How To Source Top Digital Talent

With 600,000 IT jobs unfilled and a six-month wait time to fill cybersecurity positions, companies need to get creative in attracting tech candidates.

We’ve witnessed an accelerated digital adoption since the start of the pandemic, but too many teams still don’t have the capabilities they need. An investment in people must be a priority if you want to be successful with your digital transformation.

With more than 600,000 IT jobs currently unfilled, companies are facing a huge cybersecurity risk and potential vulnerability to hackers. These factors, coupled with the higher-than-normal resignation among American workers, have forced hiring managers to rethink how they are recruiting and keeping top tech talent.

Data has shown most companies are taking around six months to fill a cybersecurity position, leaving them vulnerable to potential attacks. Given the recent cyberthreats around the globe, cybersecurity is of the utmost importance to keep company data out of the wrong hands. While cybersecurity and digital skills should be a priority for all enterprises, it can be a daunting prospect to find the right solutions for a company’s specific needs.

So how can companies win the war for tech talent? It’s critical to understand the importance of finding the right fit. A key factor in locating top talent is to determine the business strategy set forth for the organization and focus on defining the skills and capabilities required to drive that vision. Here are ways your company can better organize how you hire cyber experts to ensure the best results.

Set your company apart from others. When candidates are applying for a position they tend to gravitate toward everything and anything they can find online: the company website, social media pages, company reviews, etc. They’re looking to find answers regarding what makes your company different. It’s paramount that companies quickly capture the attention of applicants. Before giving your company website a total refresh, think about what factors would make your company a better fit. Showcase accomplishments, positive customer testimonials, how your company is growing and what the future looks like. Think of your careers section as a window that applicants and candidates can peer into to get a 360-degree view of what it’s like to work at your company. A growing business shows more potential in the candidates’ eyes for a successful career.

What can you offer top candidates? Employees want to feel as if they have a purpose within the company and their work is making a difference. Emphasizing your mission will help you keep top-tier talent—and attract new candidates. Provide employees with opportunities to grow and challenge themselves, and emphasize your commitment to their development. Another key factor in building a talent acquisition plan is supporting remote work. Obviously, within the past few years remote work has become the new normal. This allows hiring teams to break geographical boundaries in recruitment. In the end, employees want to grow in their careers, so employers need to serve as partners and help them to achieve their goals.

Establish a pipeline of talent. Digital platforms can be helpful here, further emphasizing the importance of a company’s digital presence. Hiring platforms such as ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn have millions of job seekers worldwide. In March of 2022 LinkedIn saw its highest application volume, with over 100 million applications submitted through the platform. But businesses will need their own well-rounded online presence as well including a website, social media channels, online portfolios and more. Besides posting jobs from your networking channels, ask your colleagues to help post on their social media by simply resharing or retweeting your posts. Do not underestimate the power of your existing employee connections. Take time to research what works best for your company. By investing in the right hiring technology you can increase efficiency tremendously.

Be willing to compromise. With the rise of technology creating a skills gap, businesses are struggling to bring in the talent necessary for success. Employers need to see the candidate’s potential to grow and willingness to learn. If a candidate matches the role, job titles can be insignificant. While your current team structure may be working, think about how your hire will fit in. Some changes may be needed to make this work.

We often look at our company in terms of the long haul and it’s important to think about who will help us achieve the bigger picture. There are candidates out there who will go above and beyond expectations, and having the patience and proactivity to find them is key. Who do you need in order to make the changes happen in the most efficient and effective way?

Attracting and hiring tech talent is, without a doubt, challenging. Keep your core objectives in mind as you source talent. But most importantly, to succeed in the tech talent acquisition war, you must know what candidates want and value.

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